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Transformation Consulting
Why Process & Analytics?

As your organization evolves, ​how do you ensure that your management systems are ​data-driven and your business processes are governed, ​optimized, adopted and scalable?

We partner with business leaders to show them how to achieve extraordinary results through enhanced strategic thinking and organizational agility.

Our collaborative approach to planning, problem solving and decision making enables business leaders to build organizational capacity, accelerate business velocity, drive true transformation and achieve sustained results.

Process Offerings:

  • Business Process Governance Strategy​

  • Business Process Assessments (current state)​

  • Business Process Architecture (future state)​

  • Business Process Re-Engineering​

  • Business Process Implementation & Training

Analytics Offerings:

  • Data Management Strategy​

  • Data Assessments (current state)​

  • Data Architecture (future state)​

  • Data Analytics Strategy​

The COMO Group Business Transformation
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