Season 1, Episode 1: Promise Partners

Join the Promise Partners as they talk about their empowering journey of finding, creating, and embracing The COMO Factor.

In this conversational podcast, COMO Creative Director Jacob Guidry dives deep to understand and discover how this dynamic duo has lived through their own personal and professional transformation.

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How can this podcast help you?

Are you currently going through a personal or professional transformation? Do you want to be inspired by others that have undergone transformation successfully? Do you need a guide or coach to help you with tips & tricks or do you simply want to learn? ​ There is nothing more gratifying then seeing individuals and companies transform into the best versions of themselves, especially when they are elevating others that surround them as well.

What are the episode highlights?

On this launch episode of "The COMO Factor" podcast you'll get to meet the dynamic duo Christine and Sonal. They fondly call each other Promise Partners. These intriguing women are Transformation practitioners and servant leaders who have over 40+ years of combined experience in achieving personal and professional Transformation. In this conversational podcast COMO Creative Director Jacob sits down with Christine and Sonal to understand:

  • What is the COMO factor and how does one achieve it?

  • Hear about both Christine and Sonal's authentic real-life personal and professional Transformation stories

  • What is a Promise Partner?

  • What tools can work for you to achieve a successful transformation?

Get ready to be inspired and motivated as these ladies guide you to apply The COMO factor to your Transformation! If you enjoy listening this podcast, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts.

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