Season 1, Episode 3: Tripping Through Life with Mark Algar

Christine and Sonal sit down for an enlightening conversation with artist Mark Algar. Tune in to hear why Mark says a book about his life would be entitled "Tripping Through Life."

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Who is Mark Algar?

Mark Algar was born in the Yukon Territory in northern Canada and grew up in Ontario, Canada. His interest in art began in elementary school and continued in the background throughout his working career, which took him around the world.

Fiber arts became an interest as a young adult, including a course in weaving while living in New Zealand. After moving to the United States in 1999, his art expression centered on oil painting. Subsequently, Mark was transferred to Paris, France for four years. He received strong inspiration from the art museums, cityscapes, and landscapes in Paris, rural France, and around Europe. This resulted in additional oil paintings, the occasional watercolor, and sketches. ​ Upon returning to the United States, he was coached by oil painter Becky Parks in Dallas, Texas. He retired from his first career from the corporate world in 2017 and he settled in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Development as an artist continued through courses at the Scottsdale Artists' School, membership in the Scottsdale Artists League and coaching by artist Susan Diehl. In early 2020, Mark relocated to Ontario, Canada to be closer to family, but keeps his Arizona contacts close by using social media.

What are the episode highlights?

In this episode, Mark Algar shares his experiences, insights, and wisdoms from his many years in his corporate career. Around the world and back, Mark has seen incredible changes, personally and professionally. Pour a coffee, take off your shoes, and tune in to find out why he says a book about his life would be titled "Tripping Through Life" and how it has helped him to find his true passion and create a successful second career.

  • Why is Change Management a critical success factor in any Business Transformation?

  • If you're a Transformation leader, what are some key "must have's" to ensure a successful outcome?

  • Why is it important to surround yourself with a small group of trusted advisors?

  • How do you find your passion and use it to create a second career for yourself?

Get ready to be inspired as we uncover some valuable teaching moments from Mark's journey and guide you to apply The COMO factor to your Transformation! If you enjoyed listening to our podcast, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts

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