S2E4: "Defining Values & Handling Criticism in First Post-Grad Jobs"

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Picking back up where they left off, Millennial Leadership co-hosts Kim Chamiok and Jacob Guidry share stories about their first jobs out of college. The pair explain the positives and negatives that came with their first steps after graduation, as well as offer perspectives on defining personal values and handling criticism from others.

Kim mentions some hard lessons and dealing with less-than-ideal experiences in a toxic work environment. She shares her struggle with "not fitting in" with an office culture and feeling detached from work due to bad leadership.

Jacob speaks on the difference between constructive criticism and unhelpful negative feedback. He shares his thoughts on the powerful value of connection and being part of a team, and how that affects motivation.

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Recorded in Arlington, Texas. Produced by Kimberly Chamiok and Jacob Guidry.

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